HP Deskjet 9650 Printer - Printer Status tab

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Printer Status tab


Printer Status

tab displays ink level information for each print cartridge and also printer


The printer selection drop-down list lets you select the printer you wish to use with the Toolbox
utilities. It lists printers that are compatible with the Toolbox. The status window displays
messages related to current printer status, such as

Printing job


Top cover open

, and


cartridge empty


The Toolbox is available for Windows only. For Macintosh, see

“Using the HP Inkjet Toolbox



Click this button...


Order Supplies

Purchase printing supplies, such as print cartridges, online. You must
have Internet access to perform this operation. See

“Ordering printing

supplies through the Toolbox”

for more information.

Supplies Information

View information on HP supplies, as well as ordering information.


Open a dialog box where you can select the types of printer error or
warning messages that will appear on your computer screen when
problems occur. You can choose to be notified by an audio alert when
this happens. You can also choose to enable myPrintMileage
AutoSend, which will provide you with a closer forecast of your printer
usage in the myPrintMileage website.

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