HP Deskjet 9650 Printer - Using myPrintMileage

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Using myPrintMileage

myPrintMileage allows you to keep track of your printer usage information, such as ink and
media usage patterns. This can help you plan your purchase of supplies.

myPrintMileage consists of two parts:

myPrintMileage website

myPrintMileage AutoSend. This is a utility that periodically updates your printer usage
information to the myPrintMileage website. This will provide you with a closer forecast of
your printer usage.

From the myPrintMileage website, you can find out the following information about your

The amount of ink that has been used. myPrintMileage forecasts how many print
cartridges you might use in one year.

Whether you use more black or color ink.

The average quantity of media you use per month for each media type.

The number of pages that have been printed, and the estimated number of pages that can
be printed with the amount of ink remaining.