HP Deskjet 9650 Printer - Text is jagged at the edges (not smooth)

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Text is jagged at the edges (not smooth)

Check the type of font chosen

Some software applications use custom fonts that have jagged edges when enlarged or
printed. If you are printing a bitmap image of text, it may have jagged edges when skewed,
enlarged or printed. By using TrueType

fonts you can ensure that the printer will print

smooth fonts. When selecting a font, look for the TrueType icon.

TrueType is a technology that can create fonts of any size from a basic font outline.
TrueType fonts are scalable, meaning they can be scaled for use on the computer screen
or the printer. This is the standard font-scaling technology in Windows.

Check the paper type

Paper that is heavily textured or does not accept ink well can cause graphics and text to
print poorly. See

“Selecting print media”

for tips on using print media.

If none of the above solutions work

The problem is likely a conflict related to the software application you are using. Check the
release notes on the Starter CD for known software conflicts. Otherwise, check your
software application manual or call the software manufacturer to get more specific help for
this problem.