HP Deskjet 9650 Printer - Meaningless characters are printed

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Meaningless characters are printed

Check the cable connection

A common cause for nonsense characters is a poor cable connection between the printer
and computer.

Make sure the printer is selected

When you print your file, make sure the printer is selected in the printer menu.

To set the printer as the default printer, right-click the printer name or icon in the Printers
folder and select the option to set as default printer. For more information about setting the
default printer, see the online Help for your computer’s operating system.

The document file may be damaged

Occasionally a document file can become damaged. If you can print other documents
from the same software application, try to print using a backup copy of your document.

Check for conflicts with port-sharing devices

If you are using a parallel cable, make sure your printer is connected directly to the parallel
port. Do not share the port with other devices such as a Zip drive or other printers.

Try restarting the system

Turn off the computer and the printer, wait a few seconds, and then turn them on again.
Try printing again.