HP Deskjet 9650 Printer - Ink is smearing

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Ink is smearing

Make sure the printout has time to dry

When printing documents that use a lot of ink, you must allow the document more time to
dry before handling it. This is especially true for transparencies.



print quality setting in the printer driver is designed to optimize both dry time

and speed. This mode allows the printout to dry completely in most situations.

Check immediately after printing whether smearing occurs in the printout. You can
increase the amount of dry time in the printer driver.


Adjust the ink dry time by selecting

Advanced Features

from the


tab in the printer driver.


Adjust the ink dry time by selecting the


tab in the

Paper Type/Quality


Check the paper type

Some paper types do not accept ink well, which causes the ink to dry more slowly and
results in smearing. See

“Selecting print media”

for tips on using print media.

Check the paper type selection

Make sure the paper type selected in the printer driver matches the paper you are printing

The page is wrinkling with too much ink

Color documents with rich, blended colors can use excess ink, which can wrinkle the page
during printing and cause smearing. Select




print quality in the printer

driver to reduce ink, or use HP Premium Paper designed for inkjet printing of vivid color

Check for excess ink buildup on the print cartridge

An ink buildup problem can be solved by cleaning the cartridges. See

“Cleaning the print



The media has been exposed to a humid environment

If media has been exposed to a humid environment, it may be difficult to achieve the
correct dry time. especially when printing with heavy color saturation. Print on a fresh
ream of media that has been stored in a cool, dry place.

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