HP Deskjet 9650 Printer - Colors are bleeding into each other

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Colors are bleeding into each other

Check the paper type and print quality settings

Some paper type settings (such as Transparency) and print quality settings (such as Best)
require more ink than others. Choose different settings in the printer driver. Also, make
sure you have selected the correct paper type in the printer driver.

Check the paper type

Some paper types are not suitable for use with your printer. See

“Selecting print media”


tips on using print media.

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Check the print cartridges

If you refilled your print cartridges, HP does not recommend or support refilled print
cartridges. Refilling processes and the use of incompatible inks may disrupt the
intricate printing system, potentially resulting in reduced print quality and even printer
damage. To order an original HP print cartridge, see

“HP supplies and accessories”


If the print cartridge lights are on or blinking, see

“Printer lights reference”


When printing on photo paper and transparency film

Load media print-side down in the front manual feed slot or input tray.

Load media print-side up in the rear manual feed slot.

Use only HP Inkjet Transparency Films listed in

“HP supplies and accessories”