HP Deskjet 9650 Printer - To use a printer connected to another computer (clients)

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To use a printer connected to another computer (clients)

Clients can connect to the printer in three different ways:

Install the printer software from the Starter CD. When prompted, select

Connected via

the network

, and then select

Client setup for client-server printing


Browse to the printer on the network and drag the printer to your Printers folder.

Add the printer and install the software from the INF file that has been saved to a location
on your network. Ask the network administrator where the INF file is located.

On the Starter CD, the INF files are stored in folders using the following format:
<CD>:\Setup\Drivers\PCL3\<operating system>\<language>.

For example, if your CD-ROM drive letter is D:, then
D:\Setup\Drivers\PCL3\Win2k_XP\English would contain the English Windows 2000/XP
PCL 3 INF file.

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